This Is The Rogue Life!

Rogue Hair Studio is an urban industrial salon specializing in radically defining looks for a new generation of style. Our clients include & have included local and national bands such as (members of)Saving Abel, Shinedown, Anarbor, Sparks the Rescue, Fervor(ect), models, actors, business owners and everyday people wanting to rock their own style. Owner/ Hair Artist, Melissa Meacham believes in helping people express themselves through image. Rogue Hair Studio is like no other merging music, art, lifestyle, and fashion with hair. Nothing rocks you like Rogue Hair Studio.

We Proudly use Tigi Products!
Melissa Meacham - Owner

Melissa Meacham

Owner / Hair Artist

Melissa Meacham is the Owner and Hair Artist at Rogue Hair Studio. She has been working for over 11 yrs in this ever changing Image Industry. She brings her extensive knowledge and experience of art, music, fashion, and world travels into her hair art. She has worked with such artists as Shinedown, Saving Abel, Anarbor, Sparks the Rescue, Fervor, and many more bands. She has done hair from the dirt patios of Mexico working at an orphanage to backstage at some of the most well known music arenas. She is a former TIGI Ambassador, completed Regis Hair Classes, Global Keratin Certified, Tigi Colour Classes, and various other courses over the years. She has done countless photo shoots with many well known photographers. Her work has been featured with Beauty Addicts, Hairstyle Addicts, Modern Salon Magazine, Pravana, SalonSpaChat, First Chair, Estetica Magazine and many more. She has had “How to” Articles, Artist profile, and many collections along with her work featured. “Your body moves so I believe your hair should move and I feel like I represent a lifestyle helping people express themselves through image. Hair is my art and you are my canvas.” Melissa says. She is as versatile as her own constantly changing hair, she believes in her art and puts everything she is into everything she does and that’s your hair!

Lawrence Eppers - Operations Manager

Lawrence Eppers

Operations Manager